Difference between web 2.0 and web 3.0

Imagine how hard it is when the web is gone.How can it possible that we could disseminate all information within the small period of time.It is important to know that we are in the world of technology that help us in different things to accomplish our tasks faster and easier

Web 2.0 is two way communication which states that when the website speaks to the website visitors and allows the visitor to speak back to the website.In this web people can upload pictures,videos,they can write things,contribute to the content or whatever they want to do.Participatory,interactive and open communication dialogue are included in this web. One example of this web is social media in which the website facilitate the conversation between the members or the visitors.

Web 3.0 is also known as the ”intelligent web’The expression web3.0 is, of course, a logical progression from the term Web 2.0.A precise definition of Web 3.0 is difficult to pin down, but most descriptions agree that a fundamental characteristic of it is the ability to make connections and infer meaning – essentially, the Web is going to become more ”intelligent”


Amazing Race

January is the celebration of the Christian Living Activity Month.There are a lots of category such as Christian Dance,Chorale Festival,MSNP and many other more.

One of the most important thing that happened on that particular event is that we have realize the message behind this activity.Inspite of those thing that we have to accomplish different tasks in our class,we as part of the said activity we consume time in order for us to participate and give our  participation.

We are glad that we have won the category of MSNP,there are a lot of things we have learned not knowing that we come up to the experience that lead us to continue what we are doing,no matter what happen and no matter what  can be the hindrance for us to go on and to continue fulfilling what we are trying to reached.

The thing is even we experience hardships in life we must continue until we finished it.It is not necessary to be at first,its all about how we try our best until the end.

Together with my Friend

Friend is someone who can talk to for some topic,which you can relate to each other’s insight.When I am with them I feel better.Those times that we laughed and cried for some instances.Shared and enjoyed of what we are doing make us to know each others personality.

Forgetting about our problem in a short period of time when we are together is enough.For me to realize that we cherish every single moment that we are bonded.For us it is significant and memorable.As day goes by,even though we are busy for our own priorities in life,it doesn’t affect to our bonding because we set time for it.

The fact that we establish our friendship going to its deeper meaning and stronger relationship.I’m glad that everyone of us move towards the future and improve for some reasons.Moving forward to another chapter of our lives.


Handling a group of people is difficult.Difficult in a way that if the constituents or members are not capable of doing the assigned task.Simply saying that they do not have cooperation nor having participation with the said project or agenda.

Remembering that being united is important because it may lead to the effective and efficient kind of ruling.We must also consider the attitude of everyone because it can affect to our planned.One thing that we must know the organized or systematized plan that we are going to implement for the sake of the people.Having this kind of responsibility is an honor.Maintaining the goodness and trust that you have establish to the people.This will help us in setting our mind that we will able to know how hard to stand in front of many people enable for us to inform and be ruled.We must give respect to everyone and we should know our limitations,take the chance because someday or somehow you also experience that way.

Unforgettable Moment

Every moment of life is significant.The way it is used,the time that you are together with your family or love one’s.Most important thing is how you shared that love for each other ,feel or knows every single matter of his/her own manner of living.

Time is gold,we must do better as long as we live.I just want to share this type of happiness that I’ve experience.Considering that we have differences and we are getting started to know better.Knowing that we are entering a new challenge .Challenges that made us to be united as one.Unity which bring us into the world of realizing that we are grateful that we met each other.I don’t even know that this situation can be the way in order for us to be part of one’s life.Winning for the said competition made us complete that day but behind this,along our practices little by little were going strong,it pursue to our group to perform very well but other than that,the thing is we have realize about the true purpose of this event.We are bonded to become one despite of our differences,the said event is only the link for us to understand what is the real significant of having this kind of situation

Living In Reality

     Every person has a dream .dream that everyone’s wanted to achieve.Expected and unexpected thing s may happen as we go along to reach our goal.Obstacles can also enter and can be the way for us to be strong.As we strive for it,it can be the key to our success.

Knowing the truth that it is reality .Realities that lead our personality in order for us to live with perception,motivated and inspired to continue of what we are doing.Circumstances are always there all we have to do is to faced it with all our heart and soul,proving to ourselves that it is not a hindrance for us to be good,reach our goal,and prepared for future life.

Planning and preparing in every aspect of life is important.For us to be ready of everything that may happen.Other than that it is more valuable if we put to our mind that we can only accomplish our part with the help of course with our loving God that guides us.

I’m thankful that I have given a chance to write this blog.To all readers,I want you to know that we don’t have to lose hope as long as we live,continue to dream with the guidance and will of God for us

I Appreciate Mass Communication

At first I don’t want to take this course,supposed to be I want to take BS ACCOUNTANCY bad sad to say we don’t have enough money to support my financial assistance in continuing my study in college.

After resting for almost one year now Im here in La Verdad Christian College taking up AB BROADCASTING which in the first place I have to adjust myself but as day goes by little by little I felt different.Its hard for me but it became challengeable and exciting because of different activities.Professors also help me to pursue it when I experience some weaknesses.I can’t imagine that this time,I can expressed my real personality.There are instances that managing of time is important to be able to accomplish many things.

One thing thatI have learned:two kinds of communicator GOOD and BAD communicator.I can’t imagine that it is possible.It will happen in different cases,loyalty and most of all professionalism is important.

” At the end you can be…not only Professionals but GODfearing Professionals”

Common advantages that includes in three role of communication

Mass media-is the medium where the information disseminated to the public.

Political Role 

Political-of or relating to the ideas or strategies of a particular party or group in politics.

*The government or the leaders make decission which provide by the mass media.This idea means that people depends on the media report.It is how important mass media is because they are assigned for the disseminating of information that should be accurate for the sake of the people.Before the government do their tasks,they must first convince the people to their will or to support them.For instance the government also assess the public mood in order for them to assure that their programs will satisfy the needs of the people.

Economic Role

Economic-Economics is the social science that studies economic activity to gain an understanding of the processes that govern the production,distribution and consumption of goods and services in an economy.

*The consumer and  producer are connected to each other.It affects the economy of one country .Businesses are also included together with the advertisers who introduce and encourage people to buy some products to be used for their daily living.They decide what they want to satisfy their needs.Not only that it also help” to educate people in the field of economics”.

Social Role

Social-relating to or involving activities in which people spend time talking to each other or doing enjoyable things with each other: liking to be with and talk to people : happy to be with people: of or relating to people or society in general

*It so happen that people want to relax, rest and have fun.Social role can provide those things through the use of the entertainment like watching tv and movies,reading magazines and comics which can remove their stress throughout their whole day of doing tasks.Other than that it also include common culture that adopted from the other country like the latest song,clothes to be wear,and many more.In this situation it can build a nation that can establish unity.

Communication Works and Affects Different Aspects In Society

“Communication is the fabric that holds the society” Society is people talking,working,living,dying together. Communication has a broader role in our society in different aspects. which can be consider as the way on how it works with the people by its purpose.This will help us in building our own ideas beliefs that will lead us to be inform and think about of what is being done in our society.Àwareness and consciousness about our society fall in to three role:political,economic and social.Each role has an impact and it can be the link on how people goes with the flow in their daily living. Political role -In this role the interaction of politics,the state and mass media is important because they are bonded together to be able to see their goal in the field of society. Economic role -This role the power of advertising is involve which provide the daily needs of the people Social role -Primary function of this role is to entertain one’s personality.It includes the culture that they adopted and introduce by different countries

Its all about Mass Communication

  • Can you imagine if there is no communication built in our society?What may be the result of this?Does we have a real society if there is no establish communication?

Introducing Mass Communication

*Mass Communicationit is the delivery of information,ideas,beliefs,values,and attitudes to a large and diversify audience in different places at the same time through the use of a channel or a medium.

*Communicationcame from the the old English commun,to commune,which in turn came from the Latin communis,common.

  • Communication may happens when someone listens,speaks which also have understanding of what they are talking about.We must know that understanding is important enable for us to have a good conversation with each other.
  • Based on the definition that given above Mass Communication is important beacause of the following:1Through this we can expressed our feelings,we can give opinion and suggestion about what is happening about the specific events which can help in order for us to be updated and well informed .
  • In this situation Process of Communication is related .It has a sender which give the message ,the message that links the receiver who receives the message,and lastly feedback which is given by the receiver.