• Can you imagine if there is no communication built in our society?What may be the result of this?Does we have a real society if there is no establish communication?

Introducing Mass Communication

*Mass Communicationit is the delivery of information,ideas,beliefs,values,and attitudes to a large and diversify audience in different places at the same time through the use of a channel or a medium.

*Communicationcame from the the old English commun,to commune,which in turn came from the Latin communis,common.

  • Communication may happens when someone listens,speaks which also have understanding of what they are talking about.We must know that understanding is important enable for us to have a good conversation with each other.
  • Based on the definition that given above Mass Communication is important beacause of the following:1Through this we can expressed our feelings,we can give opinion and suggestion about what is happening about the specific events which can help in order for us to be updated and well informed .
  • In this situation Process of Communication is related .It has a sender which give the message ,the message that links the receiver who receives the message,and lastly feedback which is given by the receiver.