“Communication is the fabric that holds the society” Society is people talking,working,living,dying together. Communication has a broader role in our society in different aspects. which can be consider as the way on how it works with the people by its purpose.This will help us in building our own ideas beliefs that will lead us to be inform and think about of what is being done in our society.Àwareness and consciousness about our society fall in to three role:political,economic and social.Each role has an impact and it can be the link on how people goes with the flow in their daily living. Political role -In this role the interaction of politics,the state and mass media is important because they are bonded together to be able to see their goal in the field of society. Economic role -This role the power of advertising is involve which provide the daily needs of the people Social role -Primary function of this role is to entertain one’s personality.It includes the culture that they adopted and introduce by different countries