At first I don’t want to take this course,supposed to be I want to take BS ACCOUNTANCY bad sad to say we don’t have enough money to support my financial assistance in continuing my study in college.

After resting for almost one year now Im here in La Verdad Christian College taking up AB BROADCASTING which in the first place I have to adjust myself but as day goes by little by little I felt different.Its hard for me but it became challengeable and exciting because of different activities.Professors also help me to pursue it when I experience some weaknesses.I can’t imagine that this time,I can expressed my real personality.There are instances that managing of time is important to be able to accomplish many things.

One thing thatI have learned:two kinds of communicator GOOD and BAD communicator.I can’t imagine that it is possible.It will happen in different cases,loyalty and most of all professionalism is important.

” At the end you can be…not only Professionals but GODfearing Professionals”