Every moment of life is significant.The way it is used,the time that you are together with your family or love one’s.Most important thing is how you shared that love for each other ,feel or knows every single matter of his/her own manner of living.

Time is gold,we must do better as long as we live.I just want to share this type of happiness that I’ve experience.Considering that we have differences and we are getting started to know better.Knowing that we are entering a new challenge .Challenges that made us to be united as one.Unity which bring us into the world of realizing that we are grateful that we met each other.I don’t even know that this situation can be the way in order for us to be part of one’s life.Winning for the said competition made us complete that day but behind this,along our practices little by little were going strong,it pursue to our group to perform very well but other than that,the thing is we have realize about the true purpose of this event.We are bonded to become one despite of our differences,the said event is only the link for us to understand what is the real significant of having this kind of situation