January is the celebration of the Christian Living Activity Month.There are a lots of category such as Christian Dance,Chorale Festival,MSNP and many other more.

One of the most important thing that happened on that particular event is that we have realize the message behind this activity.Inspite of those thing that we have to accomplish different tasks in our class,we as part of the said activity we consume time in order for us to participate and give our  participation.

We are glad that we have won the category of MSNP,there are a lot of things we have learned not knowing that we come up to the experience that lead us to continue what we are doing,no matter what happen and no matter what  can be the hindrance for us to go on and to continue fulfilling what we are trying to reached.

The thing is even we experience hardships in life we must continue until we finished it.It is not necessary to be at first,its all about how we try our best until the end.