Imagine how hard it is when the web is gone.How can it possible that we could disseminate all information within the small period of time.It is important to know that we are in the world of technology that help us in different things to accomplish our tasks faster and easier

Web 2.0 is two way communication which states that when the website speaks to the website visitors and allows the visitor to speak back to the website.In this web people can upload pictures,videos,they can write things,contribute to the content or whatever they want to do.Participatory,interactive and open communication dialogue are included in this web. One example of this web is social media in which the website facilitate the conversation between the members or the visitors.

Web 3.0 is also known as the ”intelligent web’The expression web3.0 is, of course, a logical progression from the term Web 2.0.A precise definition of Web 3.0 is difficult to pin down, but most descriptions agree that a fundamental characteristic of it is the ability to make connections and infer meaning – essentially, the Web is going to become more ”intelligent”